There exist two types of commercial licenses:

  • subscription licenses and
  • perpetual (single payment) licenses.
  Subscription license Perpetual (single payment) license
Quotes not offered you can request quotes
Payment methods requires automatic payment methods, e.g. credit card, paypal all supported payment types, e.g. wire transfer or purchase order
Validity during the paid period perpetual
…after paid period SmartGit stops working, if renewal fails or has been cancelled can be used continuesly
License file fetch yes, if internet access is available and proxy configured no
Offline use internet access is strongly recommended (especially for monthly subscription) to have optimal license file fetch no internet access required
SmartGit versions any SmartGit version any SmartGit version released before the end of your purchased update period
Auto-renewal yes (same price and payment method), until cancelled no, can be upgraded manually
Email support during the paid period during the paid support period (might be shorter than update period)
Additional users easy by contacting sales; will not change the payment period could mean to also renew the update period for existing users (details); update period depends on order date

Subscription Licenses

Subscription licenses are valid only for a certain period. They renew automatically which requires a payment type that can be renewed automatically, e.g. credit card or Paypal. After each successful subscription payment you will get an email with the latest SmartGit license file. You will need the latest SmartGit license file to register a new copy of SmartGit - an older, already expired license will not work.

SmartGit will check for updated subscription licenses periodically towards the end of the subscription period, and automatically download it. Hence, usually the user will not notice subscription management/update at all. This will require SmartGit to have access to the internet and, if necessary, a correctly configured proxy configuration in SmartGit’s preferences.

Instead of ordering one subscription license for multiple users, you may order single-user licenses for explicitly named users. That way you easily can cancel subscriptions of users who leave your company.

Increase the Number of Licenses

If you want to increase the number of subscription licenses, please contact our sales team. The increased user count will apply immediately (after payment).

Decrease the Number of Licenses

If you want to decrease the number of subscription licenses, please contact our sales team. The reduced user count will apply for the next renewal.

Perpetual (single-payment) licenses

You can purchase 1, 2 or 3 years of updates. This means you can use any SmartGit version which we release until the end of your ordered update period, as long as you like (even after the update period ended) on the operating system versions supported by these SmartGit versions. After the update period you can purchase upgrade licenses for a reduced price by uploading your existing (newest) license file.

In the past there also were licenses available with lifetime updates. These allowed to use any future version of SmartGit.

During the support period (90 days, 1, 2 or 3 years) you may contact our email support at

Purchase Overview

To get an overview of all your Cleverbridge orders, please provide your e-mail address at