Hobby-Use License

The Hobby-Use license limits repository access to specific conditions. Every accessed repository (including submodules) must satisfy at least one of these conditions.

Single-author repositories

If there is only a single author and committer in the repository (both, names and email addresses must be unique), the repository can be accessed without restrictions. There is a certain tolerance for the first couple of commits, i.e. authors for these commits may be different from the main author.


To see all authors of your repository, you may invoke git shortlog -sne.


If your repository contains more authors than tolerated by accident (e.g. if you have changed your name or email too often), you may consider to convert the repository to a single author using SmartGit’s command line option --convert-repository-to-single-user. Use with care! This will rewrite your entire repository.

Public repositories

If the repository is publicly accessible, public commits will be certified on-the-fly. The local HEAD is restricted to not diverge too far from such certified commits.

If the HEAD has diverged too far, SmartGit will try to re-certify on-the-fly. If it’s not possible to find a public commit close enough to the HEAD commit, the repository can’t be used anymore from within SmartGit.


The certification requires a connection to our servers. Be sure to push your commits frequently to keep them public and thus certifiable.

Rate limits

To protect our infrastructure, the certification-process is rate-limited to 5 requests per minute (unfortunately no hourly limits can be configured for Cloudflare).

  • For the Log window this rate limit usually imposes no problems because it’s unlikely that you are opening more than 5 not-yet-certified repositories within one minute.
  • For the Working Tree window, opening a repository with multiple submodules may exceed the rate limit
    • If you are not interested in your repository’s submodules, in the Preferences, section Low-level Properties you can set refresh.scanIntoSubmodules to false. This prevents scanning into submodules and thus will not require certificates for these repositories.


If you are running into the rate limit, be patient and give SmartGit some pauses between certificate-batches. This will be the fastest way to get multiple certificates and prevents you from becoming blocked.