Change Sets

A Change Set is a group of committable files and directories, with a message assigned. Subversion itself supports Changelists which currently can contain only files. SmartSVN automatically synchronizes the files of a Change Set with the corresponding SVN changelist. Change Sets are also known as ‘prepared commit’ in other version control systems.

Change Sets are displayed in the Directory Tree below the normal project directory structure. Change Set icons shows the icons which are used for Change Set directories.

You can create a Change Set by selecting the files/directory to assign to the Change Set and invoking Change Set|Move to Change Set (Move to Change Set). You can use the same menu item to add more committable files/directories to the Change Set, to move the selected files/directories to a different Change Set or to remove files/directories from a Change Set. When you are ready to commit, you can simply select the Change Set in the directory structure and invoke Modify|Commit (Commit).

When the project directory structure is selected (as opposed to a Change Set), deactivating View|Files Assigned to Change Set (Directory Tree and File Table) will give a better overview of changed files not already assigned to a Change Set.


A file/directory can only be assigned to one Change Set.

Change Set icons

Change Set root node
Change Set root node, which contains the modified project root directory
A virtual Change Set directory, which does not represent an actual project directory, but is necessary to display child directories and files.
(various) A Change Set directory which represents (or is equal to) the corresponding project directory, see Primary Directory States.

Move to Change Set

Use Change Set|Move to Change Set to change the assigned Change Set of selected, committable files/directories.

To move the selected files/directory to a new Change Set, select New Change Set and enter the Message of the new Change Set. Select Remove this Change Set once it gets empty to automatically remove this Change Set once it gets empty. Select Allow only committable entries to automatically remove unchanged and other non-committable entries from Change Sets.


When having Remove this Change Set once it gets empty and Allow only committable entries selected, the Change Set will be automatically removed after committing it because

  • the committed files will turn their state into unchanged after the commit and hence will be removed from the Change Set and
  • the Change Set will be empty and hence will be removed itself.

To move the selected files/directory to another, already existing Change Set, select Existing Change Set and choose the Target Change Set.

To remove the selected files/directory from their currently assigned Change Set, select Remove from Change Set.


You can use Drag-and-Drop to move files to a Change Set.

Move Up

Use Change Set|Move Up to move the selected Change Set one position up (when having multiple Change Sets).

Move Down

Use Change Set|Move Down to move the selected Change Set one position down (when having multiple Change Sets).


Use Change Set|Delete to delete the selected Change Set. This will only affect the Change Set assignment, not the files nor their SVN state.

Edit Properties (Change Set)

Use Change Set|Edit Properties to change the Message and other properties of the selected Change Set. For details, refer to Move to Change Set.