Compare Repository Files or Directories

The Compare Repository Files or Directories frame shows the Directories/Files differences between two repository directories, a From directory and a To directory. It can be invoked from the project window using Query|Compare Repository Files or Directories.

For every file, the table shows the corresponding Name. The Name column also shows the ‘state’ icon of the file (the same for directories). Possible states are: Added, Modified, Modified (properties only), Modified (content and properties), Removed and Unchanged; they are always referring to the modification from From to To directory. The corresponding icons can be found in Common Primary File States and Rare Primary File States. The state name is displayed in the Modification column.

While the state displayed in the Name is a combination of file content and properties, the Content column refers only to the state of the content. The Properties column refers only to the state of the properties; valid states for properties are Modified and Unchanged. The Relative Directory displays the file’s path relative to the compare directory.

Use Show Changes to open a File Compare which shows the differences for the currently selected file between From and To directory.

Configuration dialog

The comparison is performed for one Repository between directories From and To.

Select Recurse into subdirectories to compare not only the directory and its immediate files itself, but also descend into subdirectories. Regarding Ignore Ancestry, refer to Create Patch between URLs.