Copy/Move (Repository)

Use Modify|Copy or Modify|Move to copy or move the selected files/directory to another location. Select Copy to only copy the files/directory or Move to additionally remove the copy sources afterwards.

Use To to copy the copy sources itself to the selected location. When having selected one file/directory the entered destination location must not yet exist. The last part of the destination path will be the new name of the copied file/directory. When having multiple files selected, the files will be copied into the destination path.

Use Contents Into to copy the contents of the copy source into the selected location. This option is only available for copying directories. In either case, necessary parent directories will be created automatically.

Enter the corresponding Commit Message which is automatically suggested, as long as you don’t have manually modified it. Select After command execution show repository at HEAD revision to reset the Repository Browser’s revision to HEAD after having performed the copy or move command. This option is only available if the current revision not set to HEAD and it is convenient to immediately see the copy results (in HEAD).


You can also use Drag-And-Drop to copy or move files and directories. This will open the same dialog with the corresponding paths pre-filled.