Use Modify|Ignore to mark unversioned files or directories as to be ignored ‘locally’. This is useful for files or directories which should not be put under SVN control. These are usually temporary, intermediate or automatically generated files, like C’s .obj or Java’s .class files, or directories containing such files.

Local ignore patterns are stored within the working copy (in the svn:ignore property of the corresponding parent directories) and will be committed. Therefore, to have a file locally ignored, its parent directory must either be ignored as well, or be versioned, so that the necessary svn:ignore property can be stored there. Hence, when trying to ignore a file or directory within another unversioned directory, SmartSVN will ask you to add this parent directory. In addition to local ignore patterns, you can configure global ignored patterns in the project settings .

You can select Ignore Explicitly to add each selected file/directory explicitly to the ignore list. If SmartSVN detects a common pattern for the selected files/directory, it will also allow you to Ignore As Pattern.

This command is a shortcut for editing the svn:ignore property directly by by Properties|Ignore Patterns. Refer to Ignore Patterns for details.