Import into Repository

Use Project|Import into Repository to add an unversioned local directory to the repository and to create the corresponding SmartSVN project. Only the specified directory will be put under version control using this command. Use the Add and Commit commands to import other files and directories of the project individually into the repository.

Page ‘Local Directory’

Select the unversioned Directory which you want to import into the repository.

Page ‘Repository’

Choose the Repository into which you want to import.

Page ‘Location’

After switching to this page, it takes a few moments until the first level of the repository is scanned. If you look into deeper levels of the repository by expanding the directory nodes, these levels will be scanned also. For more details refer to Repository Browser. Use the Create Directory tool button to create new directories in the repository.


You can create directories recursively in one go, by specifying the directories separated by /. This helps to avoid cluttering up the Log, as only one revision for creating all of these nested directories will show up.

After you’ve created the necessary directory structure in the repository, select the directory that should be linked with the root of your local project and click Next.

Page ‘Project’

On this page you can configure to which project the imported working copy will be added. You may select Add a new project for this working copy, specify the project’s name and specify an optional group (see Project Manager ) to which the project will be added. You may select Add to current project to add the working copy to the currently open project (if present). Or you may select Don’t manage as project to just create a temporary project for this working copy.

Configuring the project and doing the final import

The result of this command will be a new project, for which only the local root directory is under SVN control. This gives you many possibilities to configure which files/directories of your local file system should actually be versioned in the repository. From the Edit menu you can use Add and Ignore on files and directories. Furthermore, for files you can adjust properties using the respective commands from the Properties menu. After the project has been fully configured, use Modify|Commit to do the final import into the repository.