Project Manager

With the Project Manager (Project|Open or Manage Projects) you can manage your existing SmartSVN projects. The set of managed projects is arranged in a tree-structure. This allows you to group related projects under a common group name, etc.


There is one special group Sorted project area which receives all new projects. This group is sorted and hence works like a sorted project list. If you don’t need to group projects, simply let this group maintain the project list for you.

With Rename you can change the Name of an already managed project or a group. Use Delete to remove projects from the project tree; neither the local directory itself nor any other filesystem content will be affected by this operation.

You can rearrange the entries in the project tree with Drag-and-Drop. If a group is expanded, you can move the currently selected item into this group, otherwise it will be moved across.

Use Create Group to wrap the currently selected project in a group. Thereafter you can move other projects into this group. If you Delete a group, only this group will be deleted, but not contained projects or groups.