Projects can be created in different ways from the Project menu. To create a completely new project from a not-yet-version-controlled local directory, use Import Into Repository (see Import into Repository). This will also create the corresponding directory (module) in the repository. If you want to create a local working copy from a project which already exists in a repository, use Check Out (see Check Out).

Managing working copies

To create a project from an already versioned local directory, use Project|Open Working Copy and specify the locally Versioned Directory. On the Project page, you may select to Open in new project for this working copy, specify the project’s name and specify an optional group (see Project Manager ) to which the project will be added. You may select Add to current project to add the working copy to the currently open project (if present). If there already exists a project which contains this working copy, you may select Open existing project to open this project. Or you may select Don’t manage as project to just create a temporary project for this working copy.

If the location of a working copy has changed, you may use Edit Working Copy to point to the new location. To remove a working copy from the project, use Remove Working Copy.


For an advanced configuration of the working copy roots use the project settings .

One Project Window shows one project at a time. To work with multiple projects at the same time, you can open multiple Project Windows by clicking Window|New Project Window. Already existing projects can be opened in a Project Window with Open or Manage Projects and closed with Close.