Properties Compare

The Properties Compare window shows the properties of two files or directories, one in the left and one in the right area of the window. A Properties Compare is typically invoked together with a File Compare , e.g. by Query|Show Changes from the Project Window .

The table displays all properties of both files/directories with their Name, State, Old Value and New Value. Old Value corresponds to the value of the first file/directory and a New Value corresponds to the value of the second file/directory. When the properties compare has been invoked for a versioned file or directory, old refers to the pristine copy of the file/directory and new refers to the working copy file/directory. The State column shows the property’s state, either Modified, Added, Removed or Unchanged. The Name column renders the property’s state by using different colors, similar to the File Compare .

The lower area of the dialog shows the differences between Old Value and New Value for the currently selected property, similar to the File Compare.