Set Up Local Repository

Use Project|Set Up Local Repository to set up a new local SVN repository and optionally svnserve to access this repository.

To use this command you need to have a local installation of the Subversion command line binaries. You can download them from It’s recommended to have these binaries and the necessary libraries on your operating system path. Enter the full path to svnadmin and svnserve.


When proceeding with Next SmartSVN will perform some basic correctness checks on the chosen files by executing svnadmin --version and svnserve --version, respectively. Later on SmartSVN needs to be able to execute svnadmin create [repository] and svnserve -d -r [repository-root], respectively.

On the Repository page, enter the New Repository Location where the repository will be created.

On the Username page, enter a Username and Password; the associated user which will have write-access to the newly created repository. Anonymous access will be restricted to read-only.


SmartSVN will configure the file conf/svnserve.conf (in the selected repository directory) to use the password file conf/passwd. Later on you can add users and change usernames and passwords in this file.

Select Proceed with importing files into the repository to continue with the Import into Repository wizard.