System Properties

The vast majority of SmartSVN’s system properties can be configured by editing the file in the settings directory.


The file contains only settings for SmartSVN itself. If you want to configure your Subversion working copies, have a look at the Subversion configuration files instead.

First, open the settings directory. Its default location is described in Default Location of SmartSVN’s Settings Directory. In the settings directory, you will find the file. Open it with a text editor, such as Windows Notepad.

Each of the settings in is specified on a separate line, according to the following syntax: key=value. If a line starts with # , the entire line is treated as a comment and ignored by the program.

The following list shows the available system property keys:


By default, SmartSVN prefers to connect via IPv4. To connect via IPv6 instead, set this option to false.


Use these properties to specify servers to connect directly to, bypassing the configured proxy, for example: *|localhost. Note, that only internal code of SmartSVN is honoring http.nonProxyHosts. This does not include Subversion itself.

Update Check


Set to false to disable the automatic checking and disallow the manual checking for new program versions by hiding the corresponding menu items Help|Check for New Version and Help|Check for Latest Build. You should only turn this check off for network installations where SmartSVN users may not be able to perform the update themselves.

If you just want to switch off automatic checking, use smartsvn.updateCheck.automatic=false instead.


Set to false to disable the automatic check for new versions on a global level which can be convenient e.g. for network installations. To disable the check for an individual installation/user, better do that in the Preferences, section SmartSVN Updates.


Set to true to make SmartSVN check for the availability of a new latest build on start up. Latest Builds are the “bleeding edge” builds between subsequent (minor) release builds, like between version 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 or 8.1 preview 3 and 8.1 preview 4. They will contain the latest improvements and bugfixes. Usually we will ask you to manually fetch the latest build using Help|Check for Latest Builds.

Debug Properties


Use this property to enable debug logging for certain SmartSVN modules; [category] has to be replaced by the appropriate module identifier.


To enable debug logging for the Refreshing modules, set following properties: