Tag Browser

Use Tag+Branch|Tag Browser to display all tags and branches of your project in a hierarchical structure. The hierarchy denotes which tags/branches have been derived (i.e. copied) from other branches.

Tags and Branches display the tags or branches location as specified with the Configure Layout command. The subsequent table will contain tags and branches found herein. A tag or branch has a Name, a Revision at which it had been created and optionally a Removed At revision at which it had been removed.

The tag browser is built upon information from the Log Cache . With Refresh you can refresh the cache and rebuild the tag/branch-structure.

Tags/branches can be deleted by Remove which will remove the corresponding directory from the repository.

From the Options-button you can select to show both Branches and Tags, Branches only or Tags only. Recursive View specifies whether the table shall also display tags/branches which have been indirectly derived from the currently selected branch in the tree. Select Removed Tags and Branches to also display tags/branches which have been deleted within the Repository. The corresponding items will contain a red minus within their icon to denote the deletion.

The Branch drop-down button allows to sort the branches either by Name or by Revision.


You can invoke the Tag Browser also from tag or branch name input fields by clicking the ellipsis button to the right () or using <Ctrl>+<Space>-keystroke.