Transactions Frame

The Transactions frame can be invoked from within the Project Window or from within the Repository Browser by Window|Show Transactions. If a tray icon is present the Transactions frame can be invoked by Show Transactions.

The Transactions frame can be used to observe multiple repositories at the same time. Every revision of every repository is represented by one line in the transactions tree, which can be expanded to see which files/directories have been affected by the corresponding revision.


For repositories in an older format than Subversion 1.6, the received log data does not contain information on whether a changed entry is of file or directory type. Hence, all entries modified in a revision will be displayed using file icons (even if there are directories).

A revision line primarily shows the commit message of the corresponding revision and has a prefix which shows various properties of that revision:

  • Root displays to which repository the revision belongs. This column is only present if multiple repositories are observed, refer to Watched URLs for details. The column may also contain the ‘project name’, appended after a colon (‘:’). The ‘project name’ is the last path component of the project root of the corresponding Tag-Branch-Layout.
  • Revision Number Displays the revision number.
  • Time Displays date and time of the revision. The used format can be changed in the  Preferences.
  • Trunk/Branch/Tag displays the corresponding trunk, branch or tag to which the revision belongs, refer to Tag-Branch-Layout for details. This column is only present if at least one of the displayed revisions actually belongs to a trunk, branch or tag.
  • Author Displays the revision’s author.
  • File count Displays the number of modified files/directories the revision contains.

The changed files/directories for a revision are displayed relative to the corresponding Trunk/Branch/Tag of the revision, or relative to the Root’s URL in case no Tag-Branch-Layout is used. If a Tag-Branch-Layout is used, but a file path does not fit into the Tag-Branch-Layout, it will be prefixed by a ‘/’ to denote that it is given relative to the Root.

Grouping of revisions

Use the View to group the revisions by different categories:

  • Ungrouped
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Date
  • Authors
  • Location (repository)

Watched URLs

Use Edit|Configure Watched URLs to configure the observed URLs (i.e. repositories). Every entry must have a Name which will be displayed in the ‘Root’ column of the revision line prefix to distinguish revisions from different repositories. All revisions below the Root URL will be observed.

With the Display revisions for the last and But at most options you can put limits on how far into the past the Transactions view will display revisions.


For large and/or highly active projects, using a large value for Display revisions for the last without a reasonable But at most restriction can require significant memory usage and computational resources.

The watched URLs can be refreshed manually with Transaction|Refresh and they will be refreshed recurrently for the interval specified in the  Preferences.

Revision states

Default (read) A (read) revision.
Unread An unread revision.
Remote A working copy revision which contains at least one file which will be updated when updating to HEAD.

Read/Unread revisions

SmartSVN internally manages for every repository a list of which revisions are Unread and which revisions have already been Read. This mechanism is similar to how email clients work: Newly fetched revisions are considered as Unread and hence are displayed with a blue color. In addition to that, they will have a different icon. For details refer to Revision states. Use View|Mark as Unread or View|Mark All as Read to mark revisions as unread or read.

The read/unread state of revisions is not related to a single Transactions view, but shared by all views. For instance, multiple Project Window transactions and the Transactions frame itself may show the same repositories. Marking a revision as read/unread will change their state in all of these views.

Display Settings

The layout of the revision line prefix can be configured in the display settings, via View|Settings. Choose whether to show Time, Author, File/directory count and/or Trunk/Branch/Tag.