BitBucket Server (Atlassian Stash) integration

SmartGit integrates BitBucket Server (Atlassian Stash) workflows in various places, very similar to the GitHub integration.


To set up the BitBucket Serve integration, first you have to create a personal access token in Bitbucket Server: go to Manage Account, select Personal access tokens and Create a token. For the Token name, use something like “SmartGit” here and for Permissions, select Write access.

After invoking Create, copy the token to the clipboard and also consider to store it in some safe place (like a password manager), because you won’t be able to access this token again from the Bitbucket UI.

In SmartGit, go to Preferences, section Hosting Providers and use Add there. In the Add Hosting Provider dialog, have Bitbucket Server selected:

  • for Account use your Bitbucket Server account name
  • for Password use the generated access token
  • for Server URL enter the same top-level URL which you are using in your browser to access Bitbucket


Unless your server is using 2-way-SSL, you don’t need to provide Client Certificate and Client Password. Authentication using SSH is unrelated to this configuration.