Git-Flow Light

Git-Flow Light is a SmartGit-specific subset of Git-Flow which just deals with Development and Feature branches.

Develop Branch

The single ‘develop’ branch (named by default develop) contains the ongoing development line. It contains all finished improvements and fixes.

Feature Branches

For each new (non-trivial) improvement which should be added to the ongoing development line, a separate ‘feature’ branch is created (named by default, e.g. feature/my-feature). This temporary branch will be used to work independently on this particular improvement (‘feature’). If one thinks the feature is done, the commits from the ‘feature’ branch are integrated (either merged or rebased) into the develop branch and the feature branch will usually be deleted. This way all feature branches in a repository indicate the features which are currently worked on.

o ... [> develop] merged feature A
| \
|  o ... a feature commit
|  |
o  | ... a develop commit
| /
o  ... another develop commit


To start using Git-Flow Light for your repository, invoke Branch|Git-Flow|Configure, select Light type here and adjust the branch names. For existing repositories, you will usually set master as your development branch.

Regarding available commands, have a look at the main Git-Flow documentation.